Rapper Lil Wayne dead 2014; Heart Breaking News Revolving on Social Media

The common rumors about Lil Wayne are not about his girlfriend, kids, ex wife or any other affairs but they are directly relates to his life and death. Every time he gets into the news there is news of his death. In his whole life career nothing have made his fans crazy and tens not… Continue reading »

Lil Wayne Net worth 2014 is One of the Top Ten Around the World

Rappers are leading the music industry now days, although in the past rappers were not considered as that much effective and cool but with the struggle and action they have made some of marvelous achievements and progress. Now rappers are ruling over hearts and in all these rappers some of finest rappers are leading a… Continue reading »

Lil Wayne Dead Bodies an Aggressive Fast Rap Track

Lil Wayne is an amazing and out class pop singer who have presented a number of amazing and influencing songs in his whole career. Lil Wayne dead bodies is one of his finest track which he presented in the support of all black community and portray their condition and situation. He put expressions and feelings… Continue reading »

Lil Wayne Motivation Quotes

If you want to do something then you must need motivation with determination, because when we are going to do something then we must need something to push us forward. This motivation you will get from different sources like parents, friends and all those personalities which admire you and you like them as your ideal…. Continue reading »

Lil Wayne Life Quotes

Everybody in this world has his or her own views about life and these views and considerations almost based on the circumstances which they face in their life. Everyone have a lot of experiences and happening related to life at random but mostly some of very important incidents develop or change their descriptions about life…. Continue reading »